Enhancing Clinical Performance

Orpheus solves your video and image capture, storage and collaboration needs in the integrated operating suite and lets you focus on clinical performance.

Orpheus provides high quality video and images and supports informed decisions by integrating information and images from EHR, PACS and VNA.

Time and effort are reduced with intuitive tools for accurate perioperative documentation. Easily perform real-time collaboration, consultation and conferencing – anytime, anywhere.

Engage with the patient immediately after the procedure with access to the video and images from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Create and share presentations and use media for teaching and quality improvement with easy and rich tools for editing of videos, annotating images and using audio files.

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Clinical Procedure Recording

documentationCapture high resolution video and images from any surgical device. Easily capture, view and stream video using the Orpheus CAST touch panel or a remote application.

Store centrally and continuously all videos and images and enjoy immediate access using any computer and mobile device.

Seamlessly connect to the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) and share results with PACS/VNA.

Live Video Collaboration

collaborateEasily stream a procedure across the enterprise to bring the procedure to colleagues for consultation or to visitors for conferencing and teaching.

Securely view the video from anywhere with integrated user authentication for room-to-anywhere stream. In room personnel can control in-room live stream to ensure patient privacy where needed.

Enhanced Patient Safety

enhanced patient safetyIn-flight complication analysis tools ensures clinicians in the room or outside can quickly identify and resolve complications, resulting in better surgical outcomes.

Clinical context is easily added to each video and image during the procedure ensuring down stream information sharing with PACS and EHR.

Room Integration Flexibility

Control and record any proceroom integrationdure room – OR, robotic surgical suites, interventional radiology, cath labs, EP labs, neurosugery and ER bays.

Vendor neutral, simple, plug-and-play solution.