Accurate, Actionable and Secure Mobile Image Capture

Wound Care, Burn Units, Dermatology, Pre-surgery documentation.

Orpheus Mobile is the solution for the fastest growing source of clinically relevant video, images and audio information.

With Orpheus Mobile you have an accurate and secure method to capture images and videos.

Orpheus Mobile standardizes the workflow for image capture with modality worklist, a customized lists of tags, procedure codes, notes and categories and automatically shares results with the EMR and PACS/VNA.

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End to End Security

Use the hospital’s LDAP or Active Directory to controlEnd to End Security who has access to the application.

Once logged in, the clinician’s group association determines application permissions and workflow settings.

Files are encrypted and inaccessible.

Files are automatically purged after preset expiration periods.

Geolocation of each file and full auditing

Modality Worklist

Orpheus Medical Modality Worklist_2Bring procedure orders and the DICOM Modality Worklist to clinician’s fingertips

Filtered lists per department.

Accurately associate to the patients record

Start capturing within seconds.

Image, Video and Audio Capture

Orpheus Mobile_taking picture_croppedOrpheus Mobile_taking picture_croppedSnap images, record video and audio as much as you like.

Review and determine which images to annotate, tag and share.

Annotate and Tag

Orpheus Mobile_tags_verysmallAdd notes, voice annotations.

Use standard nomenclature to describe the findings.

Easily associate procedure codes to any file.

Images will not be lost in your EMR “general bucket”.

They are accessible from your desired location.

Share, Alert and Respond

Orpheus Mobile_send2PACSFlag images to send to EMR, PACS and VNA.

After upload automatically sends notification and file to EMR or PACS.

Clinicians get an email notification from the EMR or PACS.

Actionable information and timely response.