Endoscopy Solutions

The Orpheus Medical suite of products covers your endoscopy video, image and patient data management requirements end-to-end, giving you an integrated, enterprise workflow solution.

The Orpheus CAST video and image capture devices integrate with any endoscopy device to provide a seamless video and image capture solution that centralizes the completion of the patient record.

The Orpheus Endoscopy Solution is fully integrated with Epic Lumens GI and Bronchoscopy physician reporting. A comprehensive integration to provide worklist at the point of care from Epic orders and immediate image availability for a seamless physician reporting workflow. Read about our solution being used by Spectrum Health and Alberta Health Services

The Orpheus Structured Reporting platform supports GiQuIC, PQRS, CMS Measures and ICD-10 requirements.

Learn more how Orpheus interfaces with endoscopes, fluoroscopes, bronchoscopes, X-ray and other image capture equipment for instant inclusion of images, which are associated to anatomical diagrams in the report for Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Otolaryngology and other departments.


GI Workflow | Pulmonary Workflow | ENT Workflow

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Integration with Epic Lumens for Image Capture

The Orpheus System receives orders from Epic to create a comprehensive procedure worklist at the point of care that can be filtered by provider, room location and procedure type.

All captured images are immediately made available to physicians and are displayed on the Epic Lumens user interface, through the Epic Image Retrieval API.

The solution can be integrated with additional 3rd party PACS/VNA systems to provide images for a seamless Epic-Orpheus-PACS workflow.

Video and Image Capture from Any Device

OSF GI LabThe Orpheus CAST video and image capture devices have a proven track record to connect to an Olympus®, Karl Storz, Stryker®, Pentax and other endoscopy devices.

The Orpheus System provides point of care modality worklist to ensure accurate documentation.

Seamlessly capture images using the endoscope devices’ button and immediately store in the patient record.

Structured Reporting

Use Case ReportingConvenient point and click menus and predefined sentence dictionaries enables you to accurately, thoroughly and quickly complete the report.

Accelerate physician adoption rate for procedure documentation by allowing reporting templates to be tailored to facility and clinical practice standard.

Include multi-media content in the report: HD images, captions, graphics and text over the image and diagrams. Publish immediately to the EMR, the referring physician and any other system.



EndoWorks Migration

Replacement of EndoWorks: As Olympus® announced the end-of-life of EndoWorks® and steps off the image management field, Orpheus Medical is ready to help your facility to migrate to a new structured database solution.

Interoperability and IT Ready

Interfaces with Epic, Cerner®, Allscripts™, Meditech® and other EMRs.

Virtualized and scalable platform agnostic infrastructure.

Secure and HIPAA compliant.