Clinical Use Cases

Robotic Surgery


Record and broadcast 3D full HD from a DaVinci robot

Live collaboration and teleconferencing

Access videos on demand from anywhere

Store and share with EMR and PACS/VNA

Laparoscopic Surgery

Use Case lapRecord and broadcast Full HD procedures

Prepare clips for interesting cases

Document findings in unified patient record

Complication Analysis

Use Case ComplicationWhile the operation is still on – review the surgery video to track root causes

Prepare clips from cases with complications

Flag the cases to build a catalog

Review, analyze, learn and improve


Use Case OphthalmologyRecord procedure

Live remote consultation

Document findings in unified patient record

Capture, Document and Share with EMR

Use Case DocShareEMRRecord video and capture images

Store images in VNA and share with EMR

Efficient and accurate documentation

Pre-procedure Documentation

Use Case presurgeryDocument injury to justify course of treatment.

Document post surgery results and show patients

Create catalog of interesting and rare cases

Review cases

Daily Peer Review

Daily peer-review

Prepare clips from interesting casUse Case peerreviewes for grand rounds discussions

Educational sessions in a teaching facility

Plastic Surgery

Use Case plasticDocument pre and post plastic surgery treatment.

De-identify patient to protect patient privacy

Create catalog of interesting and rare cases

Review cases

Wound Care and Burn Units

Use Case_wound careTrack wounds, bed ulcers, diabetic foot, etc.

Identify trends of wounds and prevent deterioration

Alert specialist to review wounds and start action plan


Use Case_dermaTrack moles, psoriasis, melanoma

Identify trends

Follow up, diagnosis and treatment

Remote Pathology

Use Case remote pathologyConnect the pathologist remotely to the lab

Accurate and time saving diagnosis

Document findings in a unified patient record

Live Teleconferencing at Will

Use Case liveconferenceLive teleconferencing from anywhere

Transform any room with minimal effort and cost

Patient Engagement

Use Case_patient engagementShow patient and family the video and images immediately after the procedure

Increase patient engagement and raise trust

Point of Care Live Collaboration

Use Case POCUSRemote connect a specialist for live collaboration

Efficient, timely and accurate treatment

Minimal disruption to workflow

Anywhere using image guidance (anesthesia, obstetrics, etc.) and point of care ultrasound (vascular, emergency department)

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Use Case obgynRecord and document pregnancy ultrasound screening exams

Keep record for medico-legal purposes