Endoscopy Solutions

The Orpheus Medical suite of products provides an easy to use solution for all of your endoscopy image and video management requirements.

Complete Clinical Media Management  

Our Clinical Media Management suite of products provides an easy to use solution to all your endoscopy image and video management requirements with an integrated, enterprise-wide, workflow solution. Our seamless integration with Epic Lumens provides image capture from any scope vendor for an efficient endoscopy workflow and smarter collaboration.

Orpheus CAST video and image capture devices integrate with any endoscopy device.  Physicians use the buttons on the endoscope to control capture video and still images.  The images are automatically sent to the EMR.  This process provides a flawless video and image capture solution and centralizes the completion of the patient medical record.

The Orpheus Endoscopy Solution fully integrates with Epic Lumens GI and Bronchoscopy physician reporting.  Orpheus interfaces with endoscopes, fluoroscopes, bronchoscopes, endoscopic ultrasound and other image capture equipment for instant inclusion of images in Epic Lumens, which are associated to anatomical diagrams in the report for Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Otolaryngology and other departments. Orpheus provides a “smart” worklist at the point of care from Epic orders.  In addition, immediate image availability allows for a smooth physician reporting workflow.

Epic Lumens is a software module developed specifically for endoscopy procedures and just one of the multitude of integrated modules they have optimized for use in different clinical specialties.   Procedure documentation in Gastroenterology (GI) and Bronchoscopy through physician structured reporting is the focus of the Lumens module.  


Why do you need Orpheus with Epic Lumens?

Epic Lumens is primarily a reporting module.  However, to create the report, the physician must review and annotate the clinical images, which are then included in the report.  Epic Lumens requires a third-party image capture platform to capture and send these images to Epic, therefore making them available within Epic.  This is where Orpheus comes in.  Orpheus Medical provides a scalable platform for advanced clinical media management, enabling a more efficient surgical workflow, smarter collaboration, and enhanced interoperability.    

The Orpheus complete clinical media management portfolio provides secure, traceable, and immediate access to endoscopy images, in the OR or from any mobile device.  Images are easily accessible and simple to annotate.  All clinical media can be automatically or manually shared to the EMR, PACS or VNA.   Orpheus is a vendor neutral platform and can interface with any brand of endoscope or bronchoscope.


How does Orpheus work with Epic Lumens?

The Orpheus system generates a complete procedure worklist based on orders from Epic.  The worklist can be filtered by the criteria below to make it easy to find the patient.

  • Patient Name / Number
  • Physician
  • Room Location
  • Procedure Type

The Orpheus system is easy to use.  Physicians simply operate the scope buttons to take still shots and start/stop video recording.   All the images and video are immediately available and displayed on the Epic Lumens user interface (Epic Image Retrieval API).

Additional integration with 3rd party PACS/VNA systems provides a seamless Epic-Orpheus-PACS workflow

Case Study Example: Streamlining Endoscopy Physician Workflow

In order to improve population screening and healthcare delivery, a multi-facility statewide health system implemented a single electronic health record (EHR) with endoscopy physician reporting. The health system required a single solution to provide a streamlined and accurate process that can handle multiple endoscopy video vendors.

An all in one vendor-neutral medical grade device that captures images and videos.

Instant storage and sharing of images with PACS and EHR.

Ability to collaborate over video in real-time for consultation and case observations.

Captured videos are accessed from any device to enhance collaboration, teaching and clinical performance.

The Orpheus Solution

• Integrated with the EHR to provide procedure worklists at the point of care.

• Hands-free operation to capture images and videos.

• Central storage and immediate sharing of images with the EHR Physician Report.

• Plug and play solution to connect multivendor video and image sources.

• Scalable single platform handling hundreds of devices.

• Anywhere access to high quality video for training and research.

If you are implementing Epic Lumens, contact us today.   Learn why hospital systems all over the US are choosing Orpheus to complement Epic Lumens.

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