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Skytron | Grand Rapids, MI

Founded in 1972, Skytron, LLC is a private company committed to providing the acute care market with innovative and flexible solutions for healthcare. Skytron is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) distributor. This allows Skytron to work with more than 20 independent companies that span the globe and bring a global perspective to our products. Each OEM has their own focused research and development team, and these teams are working simultaneously to bring the latest developments for medical equipment to the healthcare environment.

Skytron’s mission is to provide clinically superior equipment for healthcare. By listening closely to customers and working as one team with their distribution and manufacturing partners, Skytron provides quality solutions with lower life-cycle costs. Skytron builds long-term relationships with customers, business partners and employees. They focus on quality performance with integrity to reach that goal, from the products we sell, to each and every service we provide.

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