Orpheus Medical offers a comprehensive service program from a single source. Our support team is involved in every step of the customer engagement. We understand that a combination of video and image capture devices and an enterprise software solution require continuous engagement and availability to ensure clinical, operational, and financial success.

To contact support directly, please use the following numbers:

(United States): Toll free: 1-855-4-677477 (1-855-GORPHSP)

(Europe): + 49 (0) 6976758567

(Israel): +972 (0) 58 6788412

You can submit a ticket, request or register to our customer portal through this link:

Proactive System Maintenance

Built-in proactive monitoring tools alert our support teams, preventing issues before they interrupt your operations.

Repair Services

Rapid response ensures minimal disruption to surgical services. Expert repair and replacement programs maintain high clinical quality of the devices.

Clinical Training and Consultation

Effective clinical training means you gain immediate value from the system. Specialized consultation services can result in tangible workflow and clinical benefits.

Customized Professional Services

Highly responsive to your existing and developing needs in areas of clinical workflow and software development, data migration, interfaces, integration and interoperability.

Technical Training

Advanced technical training empower your organization to provide better user experience to clinicians and optimizing system utilization.